The BituBag system is a complete solution to make bitumen available at any time and at any location.

The bitubag design is optimized so that the bitumen itself stabilises the bag. It is optimized to be loaded in 20′ container and on truck.

The bag has a filling capacity of up to 1’000 kg.

The inner liner bag, containing the bitumen, is made out of meltable polyethylene film. The outer bag is made out of woven polypropylene flexible fabric.

It is resistant against rain and ultraviolet.

Download bitubag Specifications.


The melting unit, if not already available at client’s job site, can be provided by us for the duration of the contract / project. It allows to have 4 tons of bitumen (4 BituBag) ready in 1 hour, and 20 tonnes in approx. 5 hours.

Download Melting unit specifications